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Mile High Chess
Mile High Chess Fall Classes Registration Now Open


Mile High Chess will continue in person instruction at Silver Creek Elementary, Kyffin Elementary and several other chess clubs in the Fall.


Please check the Registration page for further details.


In Loving Memory Gregory Mulyar (1948-2023).




Welcome to Mile High Chess!


We are a Denver based company, specializing in scholastic chess instruction.
We organize chess clubs in schools and offer classes in elementary and middle schools.  

Mile High Chess uses innovative curriculum developed by International Master Michael Mulyar, that includes hands-on activities as well as thorough coverage of the basics of the game.  Our Beginners Program is based on the innovative Duel Chess (TM) Teaching Method which was developed by Gregory Mulyar and Michael Mulyar.  Our methods allow for accelerated learning and quick individual progress.

We also offer instruction for chess club organizers and teachers.


The Duel Chess (TM) Teaching Method


Please read through the paper describing the Duel Chess (TM) Teaching Method which our Beginners Program and Beginners Video Lessons are based on.


Using this approach for introducing the game of chess in conjunction with computer play, chess tactics practice and chess opening studies leads to a rapid progress in student's chess playing abilities development.

Using Online Resources


There are many sites on the internet dedicated to chess education and play.


Our company offers online video instruction which is available to the affiliated chess club members as a part of enrollment in our classes.


We encorage all students to register and use our online video lessons.


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