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At Mile High Chess we invented the new and exciting Duel Chess (TM) Teaching Method. It allows for playing the real chess game on the very first day. So instead of learning all complicated rules before you can start playing we introduce few rules and pieces at a time. Do not think that the simple game is easy – it is not.  You can start playing and practice right away.


Practice the Duel Chess game with your computer at home and you will became a strong chess player very quickly.


The videos in Week 1 introduce Duel Chess.

The first Duel Chess game is a simplest chess variant, with the position involving only the King and three pawns for each side.


Pawns: Introduces the Pawn and explains pawn moves

King: Shows the King move, including Check and Checkmate

Queen: Explains Pawn Promotion and introduces the Queen move

King and Queen Checkmate: Teaches several easy ways on the King and Queen vs. King checkmate

King and Pawn Strategy: Provides a full length Duel Chess Game #1




Please choose the first week lessons from the menu.  We recommend watching lessons in the order they are presented.

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