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We have two sections -- beginners and advanced.

Week 2 emphasizes the concepts of Chess Strategy and Blunders. A new Duel Chess (TM) game is introduced this week, which involves King and four pawns for each side. This week has material both for beginners (players under 900 ELO) and advanced (players over 900 ELO).

Material Advantage, Part 1: Introduces the concept of blunders and how to use them

Material Advantage, Part 2: Shows how material advantage of a pawn is converted in Beginners Sample Game #2

King Position: Explains the concept of king activity and the importance of an overall strategy in playing Duel Chess

The Advanced Section includes two more sample games:

Pawn Race, Tactics, and Counterplay: Explain how the strategic concepts are played out in the Duel Chess Game #2

Positional Play: Gives an example of how to use the opponent’s faulty strategy (this video is similar to the Beginners’ video on King position but is best for players over ELO 900).

Do not forget to practice the Duel Chess game with your computer at home.

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