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The next Duel Chess (TM) Game involves two new pieces: the Bishop and the Knight. This week contains both a Beginners and an Advanced Section.

Beginners, Knight: Introduces the Knight move

Beginners, Bishop: Introduces the Bishop move

Beginners, Piece Values: Explains the relative value of chess pieces in the point system

Beginners, Duel Chess Opening, Middle Game Transition, and Equal Endgame:Emphasizes the important principles for starting a Duel Chess Game and introduces the other stages of the game, including transitioning into the middlegame and techniques for playing a level position in the endgame.

This week’s Advanced Section analyzes a sample game against the Arena Rybka program and emphasizes how the stages of the game develop in a sharp and unbalanced position. This section is most appropriate for players over ELO 1200.

Do not forget to practice the Duel Chess game with your computer at home.

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