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Advanced Beginner Video Lessons Series

Our videos cover several intermediate topics, including: Recording Games, Duel Chess Techniques, Chess Opening Theory, as well as a section on the Middlegame. The Advanced Beginner Series is aimed at a more careful study of the topics in the Beginners Section. We introduce the move by move approach to the topics and emphasize hands-on understanding as the best way of improving at chess.

The Endgame Technique Lessons

The Endgame Technique Lessons focus on important theoretical endgames for the intermediate player. We study king and pawn, rook and pawn, as well as several other basic endgames.


King and Pawn, Part 1 introduces basic king and pawn endgames as well as the idea of mutual zuzgwang.


King and Pawn, Part 2 studies the basic drawing position king and pawn vs. king.


King and Pawn, Part 3 identifies a winning position king and pawn vs. king and emphasizes the importance of judging the king position in making transitional decisions in the endgame.


Rook and Pawn, Part 1 begins the series on more advanced techniques in the rook and pawn vs. rook endgame. The Lucena position (Duel Chess for Advanced Beginners) is supplemented here with the useful Philidor position.


Rook and Pawn, Part 2 introduces the so-called dynamic or Karstedt defense. The technique involves using the rook and king to stop a passed pawn, leading to a draw.


Rook and Pawn, Part 3 studies the Checking Distance Defense, introducing a more general way of avoiding the losing Lucena position.


Pawn and Bishop Opposite Color studies the famous drawn endgame, emphasizing the importance of making correct transitional decisions.


Queen vs. Pawn studies the winning technique the staircase maneuver, important in these endgames.


Queen vs. Bishop Pawn studies the exceptional case of Queen against Bishop Pawn.

Rook and Bishop vs. Rook studies this endgame (the so-called Philidor position) emphasizing the ideas of king position and combined checkmate threats.


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