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Using chess software is an important part of skill development.  Modern players play against computers to practice, use chess programs to help in analyzing chess games and positions or use chess databases to research chess openings.

Arena is a FREE available Graphical User Interface software for chess programs (engines). Arena runs on Microsoft OS versions (Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7). You can also use Arena to study opening books or collections of chess games. The Arena installer package includes the Graphical User Interface and multiple plug-in Chess Engines (chess playing programs) including the earlier version of one of the best chess programs ever developed -- the Rybka chess engine.

We recommend downloding this software from the Arena Software WEB site. You can use this link to the Arena Software installer to download the software.

There are many more free and commercial chess engines available on internet or at the chess stores.

We recommend using the Rybka engine which comes with the Arena package.  There is also commercial Rybka software which we recommend for the advanced chess players.  The Rybka engine playing strength may be adjusted in the range 1200 - 2400 ELO raiting points.  However for the beginner players the 1200 ELO raiting may be too strong.  We recommend downloading and installing the weaker chess engine Ufim which has the rating adjustment range 700 -2000 ELO raiting points.


For students with Mac computers we suggest using SigmaChess software which may be downloaded from the SigmaChess WEB site.

You can watch these videos showing how to


You can also download the Arena Install Instructions Document.  We also provide this Arena Setup Instructions Document which will help you to select the chess playing engine and set the program's playing strength (ELO rating).




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